Review of Tugboat V2 RDA With Slam Cap by Flawless

By: Lawrence Lee

The Tugboat V2 RDA is one of the most popular RDAs on the market although it has been around for a couple of years now. The Tugboat V2 RDA is an upgraded version of the V1 RDA from the same company. The second iteration of the Tugboat RDA performs impressively in terms of flavor and vapor production just like its predecessor.

The Tugboat V2 RDA does not have a ground breaking design. Instead what makes this RDA stand out is that you can choose from three different top caps to use with it which makes it a completely different atomizer. The V2 RDA came with a stock top cap when it was originally released. That top cap had to adjustable air holes on the side and worked pretty well. Later, Tugboat released a slam cap and an Anarchist top cap for the RDA. These two top caps are simply amazing in terms of how they transform the RDA. While the slam cap is the best for flavor, you cannot beat the cloud production that you get from the Anarchist top cap.

You can get the Flawless Tugboat V2 RDA With the slam cap on Ejuice Deals for $20. This is a huge discount considering that the slam cap alone is going for about $20 in some online vape stores. The Anarchist top cap, on the other hand, costs about $30.

You can get the Tugboat slam cap in brushed or polished finished. It comes in different colors like zombie splatter, white/tiffany, black/red, black/green, blue, black/tiffany, black, tiffany, white, red/white, and red.

The Tugboat V2 RDA is made of stainless steel. It has a diameter of 22mm and can fit most of the latest mods without any overhang issues.

The Tugboat RDA has a three post design with large screws like the first RDA from Flawless. The center post is made of gold-plated copper which connects to the 410 connection pin below. The post holes on the build deck are quite big, so you can use low resistance coils. The Tugboat V2 RDA has a deeper juice well than its predecessor. There is absolutely no leakage from this RDA because of its e-juice reservoir. Unlike the Tugboat V1 RDA, the V2 RDA has a PEEK insulator so you can vape at high temperatures without worrying about overheating. Some vapers who used the V1 RDA had complained that the bottom of the coil deck overheats when they are vaping at high wattages, and that could affect the o-rings just below it.

You will notice that the Flawless V2 RDA comes with a lot of logos all over it. This is not an issue for most people. However, some have complained that the branding seems a bit excessive. You need to keep this in mind if you are thinking of purchasing this atty.

The Flawless slam cap has an eye-grabbing design. You will find three air holes on either side of the RDA which can be adjusted. You can fit any standard 510 drip tip on top of the drip tip that comes with the slam cap. The slam cap is much shorter than the Anarchist top cap and the stock cap that comes with the Tugboat V2 RDA. As a result, the coils are right under the drip tip and you great flavor. Of the three top caps that you can use with the Tugboat V2 RDA, the slam cap is the best for flavor.

The Anarchist top cap is the largest of all three top caps that you can use with this RDA. It features six air holes on either side making the total 12. If you want to win a cloud chasing competition, you need to be using an atty with this kind of air holes. The Anarchist top cap will give you massive clouds with every hit. You can even fit your own drip tip on this setup so even if it gets heated you wouldn’t have any problems.

It is safe to say that the Flawless Tugboat V2 RDA is a classic RDA. This is one of those RDAs that you need in your collection if you are a seasoned vaper.

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