Crunk Berry by Breakfast Club Review

By: Matt

Breakfast Club contacted me recently regarding some e-juice for reviews. I gave the product my usual steeping routine, including the daily shake and breathe, and then got to work with their Moulin Rouge. The name itself doesn’t give any clue to what’s inside the juice, and unfortunately, vaping it doesn’t get you too far either. Part of it is that the base component is a flavor you rarely see in e-liquid form, the other part is that it plays a lot like a fruit-forward blend with a unique, rather indiscriminate flavor.

While there is a good sense of balance in the profile, not too sweet, nor too tart, I don’t get the sheer volume of flavor I look for in fruity vapes, or the clearly defined flavors, seamlessly blending into one another that are the trademark of a highly skilled juicer with tried and true recipes. After hours spent trying to decipher exactly what I was tasting, and running low on juice, I headed over to the Breakfast Club website for a breakdown of what I should have been tasting. According to the vendor, the main components of Moulin Rouge are the flavors of a blush wine, paired with a strawberry and cream finish.

What I taste is a melange of fruity flavors, a mild bitter tone, and a light boost of sweetness on the finish. The front side has something you might call a blush wine taste, which in and of itself is quite fruity to begin with. Aside from a mildly bitter tone, there is no real boozy note present to simulate the wine, just fruit on top of fruit.

I do get some strawberry at the head of the exhale, but it comes off as rather subtle, almost undefined (or under-defined) in the standard VV reviewing rig (ProVari/510 dripper). With the unidentifiable sweet note on the back end of the vape and a total lack of creaminess, I opted to toss this juice into a dual coiled Helios Atomizer (@.5Ω) and put it on my Duke (50w/10a capable VV device) in hopes that some additional wattage would help to give the entire profile some definition, and bring out the sweet note on the back for an easier ID. On the lower end of the sub-ohm spectrum, a cotton candy (probably) or marshmallow (possibly) note is more clearly present on the finish, and while this adds a bit more body, it doesn’t add any real creaminess, and it doesn’t do much for the already sweet profile in play.

The saving grace here is that touch of bitterness or zing that the wine flavor brings. It lends the juice a nice balance that makes the overall vape refreshing. Bringing Moulin Rouge up above 25-30w watts didn’t seem to develop a more distinct flavor profile as I had hoped, and anything hotter than that caused the flavors to begin degrading. So while this one is tasty enough, and there is nothing innately wrong with this juice, there’s also nothing mind-blowing about it either. It comes off as a basic, somewhat generic, one-dimensional fruity mix, almost sweet enough to fall on the candy side of the spectrum.

Additionally, according to the label, Breakfast Club adds distilled water to their recipes, which means this bottle will be polished off before the same amount of juice from a vendor who doesn’t increase water to their juice will. This PG/VG ratio already possesses the proper viscosity for wicking in even the most stubborn clears and cartos. I preferred it at 8.4w on the ProVari (4.6v on a 2.5Ω atty), or on the mech with a coil at .5Ω. Both set-ups will produce the same indistinct, light fruity flavors, a mild throat hit, and only moderate vapor production due to the PG thick blend I received.

Overall, the flavor profiles are complex and enjoyable. Both throat hit and vapor production clock in right around average. Breakfast Club has achieved specialty in the e-liquid line and they have provided me their cereal e-liquids for review. All of their flavors are special and stand strong on its own.


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