Ejuice Review #7: Selfie Sunday by Vape 7 Daze

By: Matt

The very popular Selfie Sunday by Vape 7 Daze is here! An incredible red apple juice flavor profile that will have you vaping all day till the final drop. See what the hype is all about!

This juice is amazing!! You can really taste the crisp from the apples once you inhale it has a very unique exhale. Great for an all day vape. Got my bottle on Tuesday and im almost have way done.I’ve been vaping for 3-4 years on hundreds of different flavors, this is in my top 5. It is an instant classic with genuine apple flavor with an Zing. This is not the type apples from you boring grandmas backyard. This is type of Apples you might might find on a parallel universe that is sought after from inter dimensional space beings. After you try it, you will be instantly hooked. The flavor is rich full bodied with pleasant after taste.My new favorite flavor. My friends love it when they try it too and ask me where to buy it.

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