Cheap E-Juice Blue Razz Pixy Vape Juice Review

By: Julie Ward

Remember those blue raspberry flavored candy we used to eat as kids. You can finally have it in vape form because this Blue Razz Pixy eliquid from Cheap E-Juice tastes exactly like your childhood favorite sweet.
The moment you open the bottle, you will definitely not miss that blue raspberry scent filling your room. Recognizing the familiar and sweet aroma, I gave the juice a test, and my mind was blown away as I remember those good old candy days. The flavor, even without being vaped yet, tastes really good and just what I expected it to be.

“Blue Razz Pixy by Cheap eJuice is a Blue Raspberry Pixie Candy flavored e-juice that is just like a familiar childhood flavor that we all know and love.”

If your doctor or gym trainer told you to ditch sweets, then this Blue Razz Pixy sure is a great alternative. Its flavor intensity is perfect — not too light to make you feel something’s missing and not too intense to be overwhelming. I have to commend Cheap E-Juice for that.

Basically, both going in and out will give you a consistent taste of a nice candied blue raspberry coated with sugar. This flavor is distinct both on the inhale and exhale. The flavor coming from this Blue Razz Pixy blend is sweet and absolutely delicious. This is definitely a dream come true for all those who love the blue raspberry pixy candy. Get your own bottle of the Blue Razz Pixy by Cheap E-Juice now at

I know some vapers tend to shy away from candy flavored ejuices because of the weird and chemical-like taste it leaves. This ejuice, however, is not that type of candy juice. It does not leave any funny after taste, only the sweet and smooth flavor from the juice. But most of all, although the consistency of the eliquid is thick, it does not gunk up your coil or atomizers. At the end of the day, you can still have your cotton looking nice and clean.

This Blue Razz Pixy vape juice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. With this ratio, you can expect voluminous, puffy, and dense clouds. Cloud chasers can surely fill a roomful of delightfully sweet blue raspberry scented clouds. Meanwhile, flavor chasers will also enjoy this. It runs smooth and pleasant on the throat, without giving any nose burning sensation. It will also not leave your mouth and throat feeling dry as a desert.

Cheap E-Juice has made two nicotine options for this blend. The 3 mg of nicotine version offers a subtle hit that is just enough to make you feel it is there. The 6 mg of nicotine, on the other hand, is stronger but it is still not harsh. I recommend the lower level to newbies or those who are just starting to vape with nicotine. This is so you will not be overwhelmed with the nicotine content immediately. The 6 mg, on the other hand, is best for current vapers or previous cigarette smokers. This is something that will mimic the kind of throat hit you will get from cigarettes.

This vape juice comes in a 120 mil chubby gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap. It is equipped with a narrow needle tip to allow easy and convenient transfer of ejuice to any atomizer or dripper. The label wrapped around the bottle gives a comprehensive overview of the product. It contains the brand name, flavor name, size content, the usual warning, expiration date, manufacturing date, and nicotine level. I like Cheap E-Juice’s straightforward approach. You can easily see what you are looking for.

For only $12.99, you can own and enjoy your own 120 mL of Blue Razz Pixy bottle. For its price and quality ratio, I tell you no one can beat this baby. There are other flavors as good as this in the market but the price tag is at least three times more.

Cheap E-Juice is a premium eliquid maker based in Costa Mesa, California, USA. Other than its Candy Flavors collection, it sells a wide selection of flavors ranging from fruits and menthols to sours and desserts. Shop online now and get the best vape juice deals available.

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