Review: Minotaur Classic Peanut Butter Cookie by Cyclops Vapor

By: Matt

Product Name: Minotaur
Popularly Known as Classic Peanut Butter Cookie
Manufacturer: Cyclops Vapor, USA


  • Weight: 0.30 LBS
  • Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • Size: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz
  • PG/VG Blend Ratio: 35%PG /65%VG

Review of Cyclops Vapor Minotaur

I tend not to get too excited when a chocolate based liquid comes up for review, since, generally speaking, they tend to taste overly artificial, like a chocolate flavored hard candy or soda.
That being said, when I saw this one from Minotaur come across my desk, I was rather excited, and even more so when I popped back over to the Cyclops Vapor site and learned it had peanut butter as well.

The chocolate flavor used by Minotaur is better than most I’ve had in the past, edging closer to the genuine article, but still coming off as slightly artificial. Notably, vaped at the lower wattage, the chocolate is not particularly good, but vastly improves as you close in on the sweet spot, but we’ll get to that in just a bit. There is a relatively standard Peanut Butter Cookie flavor that blends exceptionally well with the chocolate, imparting it with a creamier mouthfeel that it would otherwise have on its own.

The final player in the flavor trinity is the peanut butter, and Cyclops Vapor does an excellent job of going a little light on it, as it could easily hijack the profile and bury the chocolate/banana combo underneath.

Working up to the sweet spot, the flavors all seemed to pop at different levels. Once I got it up over 11 watts (5.8v on a 3Ω atomizer), the individual components appeared to meld beautifully, as the Peanut Butter Cookie flavor backed off a bit, and the peanut butter stepped up, creating a single cohesive composition with a symmetry of flavor and a rich, full finish that smacks of peanut butter. While 11 watts may seem a bit warm and is practically unattainable with a PV like the eGo Twist unless you’ve got an atty with a resistance of 2Ω or less, this is where the juice comes into its own.

Anything less and you’ll be cheating yourself out of a well-balanced dessert vape that packs in an excellent throat hit, and produces a pretty decent cloud as well.

About Cyclops Vapor E-juice Quality & ingredients:

Cyclops Vapor provides its e-liquid in a food grade facility and maintains the highest standards of production. Cyclops Vapors Minotaur – Classic Peanut Butter Cookie is the top choice for an ultimate deluxe flavor.

Combining smooth vape juice flavors is a mixture of science and art, similar to the blending that is responsible for the famed Cyclops Vapor juice line of fabulous dessert e-juices. Minotaur offers a Classic Peanut Butter Cookie taste with dark flavor depths customized just for your vaporizer. The pull is smooth thanks to the high-quality Cyclops Vapor ingredients. So what are you waiting for? Order your bottle of best e-juice flavors today!

Cyclops Vapor is dedicated to using the finest ingredients available in the world.  From natural plant extracts to USP listed carriers, their products are made with a quality you can taste.  All their e-liquids are made to a 35-65 PG/VG ratio using Kosher Certified USP Grade Carriers for a genuinely excellent vaper experience. Great recipes come to Cyclops Vapor in partnership with some of the world’s most renown flavor artists and are bottled under the watchful eye of a professional chemist with strict CAPA controls, including unique batch identifiers clearly listed on every bottle.

Available in 1oz, 2oz, 4oz bottles with new flavors rolling out regularly.

Buy now for $13.99

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