Joyetech CE4 Clearomizer Review

By: Michael Scott

When we talk about clearomizers, the Joyetech CE4 clearomizer is one of the most popular. This 510 thread atomizer is compatible with all eGo-style batteries.

This tank is made of polycarbonate material. It is leak-proof — completely sealed at the mouthpiece and near the bottom area. It also features a top coil that contains a long wick.

The body of the tank reservoir is clear plastic material so you can see the amount of e-liquid left on the tank. The Joyetech CE4 clearomizer can last for up to a month if attended with proper care.

So, how do you maximize the lifespan of this clearomizers? First, keep the wick wet. Make sure that your e-liquid level does not go below the 0.5 mL mark or the wick will not be absorbing any e-juice for you. Second, never vape at a high voltage. Around 4.5V and below is safe.

The Joyetech CE4 clearomizer has a length of 67 mm and a diameter of 13 mm at the base. It has a resistance of around 2.3ohms. Inside the tank, you can see a hollow steel tube that extends to just below the mouthpiece section. The design is quite impressive. When you take a puff, air is sucked in through the base air slots and travels up to the tube past the coil and to your mouth.

Just like anything in this world, a CE4 clearomizer has some pros and cons.

One of the things I like about the CE4 clearomizer is how easy it can be filled. You simply need to unscrew the tank mouthpiece, drip about 1.6 mL of e-juice into the tank and then screw the mouthpiece back.

To prevent any spillage, hold it at a slightly vertical angle. Also, never attempt to go beyond the recommended 1.6 mL line. And do not let any liquid to get in the hole at the center of the clearomizer. Allow the clearomizer sit for 30 to 60 seconds to let the e-juice soak the wick well.

The Joyetech CE4 clearomizer is available at many online and physical stores. If you want a good deal for this product, I recommend you buy at A pack of five CE4 clearomizers only costs $7.50 at this store.

Another thing I love about this clearomizer is its ease of use. It does not require a lot of tinkering. To use it, first check if the tank is full and the mouthpiece is tightly sealed using the silicon cap. Then, attach it to an eGo battery. I recommend that you turn your device upside down first and rotate to ensure that the wick has properly absorbed the e-liquid before you fire it up.

The Joyetech CE4 clearomizer vapes nicely. It utilizes less power compared with many other types of tanks. All things considered, I can say that the CE4 clearomizer is a bang for your bucks.

I have been using this clearomizer for quite some time, but I can’t pinpoint any cos.

Overall, I am truly impressed with the performance of the CE4 clearomizer. It is leak-free. It produces clean flavor, and the vapor production is good.

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