Review of iJoy Captain PD270

By: Matt


When you want your e-juice to be the best flavor when it comes out from its tank, then it is best to use the iJoy Captain PD270. This device has a very sleek design and is one of the best tanks on the market today. It’s really an awesome device, especially with its thread-less coil system. It makes  changing your atomizers faster.

Packaging and Contents

The cardboard box that carries the iJoy Captain is black and white and has been designed neatly. There is an image of the mod in front and you get to read a small description about the device. You will also see the list of the box’s contents and the device’s feature at the back of the cardboard box.

You get a micro USB cable that can be used for charging and upgrading the firmware of the device. Also included are two brand new 20700 batteries and a silicone adapter for the 18650 batteries. A user manual comes in handy with the device. 

Design and Quality

You will notice that the iJoy Captain PD270 is bulky. This is for the device to accommodate the 20700 batteries. Its size is 89mm by 48mm by 32mm and can have the atomizer for up to 300mm in diameter.

This device has a body covered with carbon-fiber stickers; it also has 54 color combinations. You can feel that the sides of this mod are glossy which really is nice to hold. You do not have to worry if the stickers attach to the body will fall off since these have been attached firmly to the body.

Once you get a closer look at the device, you will clearly see that a large square shaped fire button takes up the entire upper half of the mod. This fire button is used for the device to be activated. There are plus and minus signs located at the other side of the device. There are located right under the OLED display. You also can see the micro USB port located just below the plus and minus signs. This USB port is used for charging and for firmware upgrades.

The device’s battery door is located at the bottom of the device. Opening it is easy since all you need to do is slide it outwards and push it up open. You can also use the 18650 batteries for backup which is really awesome. These batteries can just be inserted into the silicone adapter that is included in the box and just place the batteries in the compartment.

Menu System and Navigation

When you press the fire button three times, you are able to open the menu of the device. There are five different icons that you can see on the main menu. You have the Power Mode (Pw), Temperature Control (Tc), Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), Settings (SET), and Reset Puff which enables you to reset the puff counter. You can navigate from one icon to another by using the plus and minus buttons. Holding down the fire button lets you access the respective sub-menus of these icons.

There is a pre-heat option on the power mode. Soft, Normal, Hard, and User are he choices and the last choice can open up an advanced menu. You are able to set a custom pre-heat chart in the advanced menu. You are able to set it for the first 3 seconds of the draw. You can customize your vaping experience depending on your preference. However, this may not be suitable if you are a beginner.

You can also choose the material that you are going to use under the Temperature control Menu. You can choose from stainless steel, titanium, and Ni200. The wattage can also be changed using the same menu. All you need to do is press the plus button. Once you are on the home screen, you will see a blinking letter “W.” Here, you are already able to adjust the wattage. The temperature for your tank can also be adjusted using the minus button.


You can see that the iJoy Captain PD270 is really an awesome box mod. The device is made up of high-quality materials and it is really affordable. You can buy the device for only $43.99 at

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