Cloud Alchesmist’s Macer Menta Review

By: Matt

Flavor Tone:

Crisp peppermint layered with dark chocolate cookie.


Size  10ml  30ml  120ml
Nicotine Level   0mg  1.5mg  03mg  06mg  12mg
PG/VG Ratio   20pg/80vg  50pg/50vg

Cloud Alchemist is one of those vendors that opts for cryptic juice names. Names that give prospective customers little to no idea what to expect from their juice. While giving your product a catchy name is certainly a good marketing plan to help vapers remember you and your products, in what is becoming an exceptionally crowded marketplace, it also makes things a bit difficult for that person when it comes to choosing which flavors to buy.
The first flavor to present, immediately on the inhale, is a big, bright, fresh mint, with a nice hit of the chilly element that mints bring to the party. While I taste the mint and get the cooling, I’m not sure it’s real mints that are in play here. I can’t be certain, but I suspect this could be a fresh mint flavor used in conjunction with the chocolate cookie, creating the sensation of peppermint without the actual flavor of peppermint. There is a sense of sweetness along with an undertone of spice behind the mint, but it’s not at the very top of the exhale that the remaining flavors in this juice push up through the profile, which is where this juice gets a bit more complicated.

A sweet and savory, chocolate cookie component works surprisingly well with the mint, along with a dark chocolate cookie overtone that is quite mild but nicely placed. It has a rich, dark, almost baked note to it, much like the cookie element, that adds a very pleasant, sweet caramelized tone to the overall profile. This is another one of those flavor combinations that, on paper, one wouldn’t really expect great things from, but in practice, is quite tasty.

Rather than feeling like a jumbled mess of flavors that this one has the potential to become, it’s a blend that just seems to work, although, from a culinary perspective, I can’t say why. This involves none of the classic dissonant flavor pairings, like sweet and sour or sweet and spicy, yet the flavors come together in an equally complimentary fashion, creating a blend that is odd, yet tasty.

On the Nemesis/Nimbus rig at .4Ω the cool mint is fairly potent, but still complimentary to the bakery and cookie flavor. I preferred the flavor on it when my battery got down around 3.7v producing around 29-33w, give or take. On the ProVari/510 dripping rig I kept Lucid Dreams at a cool 8.8v or 4.7v on a 2.5Ω atomizer. This allowed the cookie like flavor to play a larger role in the overall profile, but that all comes down to preference. Even at higher wattage, and with the mint, throat hit is never particularly potent, but the max VG blend does create enormous plumes of vapor. If you prefer more of the cool minty flavor and mouthfeel, just crank up the wattage/voltage, or build your coils to a lower resistance, this will of course also result in increased vapor production and a slight increase in throat hit if you also happen to be vaping the Knolls max VG base.

Finally, This is by far the best e-juice in the mint category that I have ever inhaled. Each of the mint flavors mixes so well together to create such an amazing mint cool taste.  A perfect combination of mint and chocolate makes Macer Menta a legendary blend. Each flavor was full, yet smooth, and robust without being rough. Overall, this characteristic is pretty astounding. I took this to work and ran out the same day because I had to share with my partners and other reviewers. I am extremely impressed with this premium ejuice.

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