BE SAFE….. Know What You’re Vaping!

By: Matt

So you order some bulk unflavored NIC juice from your supplier. How do you know what you ordered is what you got? Unless you test it, you don’t. Suppliers are only human. They can make mistakes. Even if they are very sure they are mixing the proper ratio of NIC to PG/VG, and don’t make a mistake, they are also trusting that their supplier is correct in their NIC strength as well. There are just to many places where mistakes can be made, and there is no real regulation on the selling of NIC juice.

NIC Juice Too Strong Can Be Hazardous

So you make your own eliquid, and you just purchased a 500ml bottle of 50mg unflavored NIC juice. You plan on mixing it with plain PG with a 2 to 1 ratio to make approx 24mg eliquid. But will your final ejuice really be at 24mg strength? Well it all depends on if the 50mg bulk NIC juice that your purchase really is 50mg, and also if you properly mixed the NIC juice and the plain PG/VG in the proper amounts.

If that NIC juice was mixed incorrectly from the supplier, and is actually around 100mg NIC, then you are vaping 48mg eliquid. That can be very bad. Also, most DIY’ers don’t take proper precautions when working with NIC under 50 or 60mg. If you get 50mg on your skin, no big deal, you wipe it off and you’re ok. But what if that was 100mg NIC or higher. That is dangerous.

NIC Juice Too Weak Can Cost You $$$

Take that same bottle of 50mg NIC you bought. What if it is weaker than its advertised strength. Well it’s not dangerous, but you end up paying too much for low strength juice. Either by accident or on purpose, suppliers can easily provide low strength NIC.

Save $$$ With No More Messed Up Batches

Have you ever been making a batch of DIY eliquid, and loose track of the amount of nicotine you are adding? Do you just ‘wing it’ and hope for the best, and continue to make it and still vape it? or do you play it on the safe side, and throw it out? Well if you test it, then you know what the NIC content is, and you don’t have to throw it out.

Store Bought Flavored eLiquid

Even if you don’t make you own eliquid, and you buy store bought pre-mixed/flavored eliquid, how do you know what your vaping is what you bought? Unless you are really sensitive to NIC, most people won’t be able to tell the difference between, lets say, 12mg and 16mg eliquid, or 8mg and 12mg eliquid, and so forth. Your supplier can easily make a mistake and sell too high NIC content eliquid, which can be dangerous, or to low NIC content and cost you money.

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