Aqua Mist E-Liquid by Marina Vape Review

By: Ashley Diaz

Aqua Mist is a refreshing fruity e-liquid by Marina Vape. This e-juice has an organic taste that is bound to make your mouth water with excitement. Aqua Mist is a blend of ripe green apple, kiwi, and peach flavor. This is a premium quality vape juice. These three popular fruit flavors come together well and complement each other to make Aqua Mist a delightful vape juice. This e-liquid has a delicious taste that vapers who are into fruity e-liquids will certainly appreciate. You will have a fun time vaping Aqua Mist. The taste is rich and appealing. The classic flavor of Aqua Mist makes it an easy all day vape. It is hard to get tired of this e-liquid.

Aqua Mist is one of the best fruity e-liquids around. The taste that you get from vaping Aqua Mist is very accurate. The inhale of this e-liquid is just as interesting and engaging as the exhale. On the inhale, the taste of the green apple, kiwi, and peach comes alive. The green apple and peach flavor is more prominent on the inhale than the kiwi flavor. You only get notes of the kiwi fruit flavor on the inhale. The exhale of this e-liquid will give you the taste of kiwi and green apple. The peach flavor is also very prominent is also prominent. Aqua Mist has an exciting taste that lingers in the mouth.

Aqua Mist has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30 percent. This e-liquid has a thick texture. You can choose to vape this it using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or with a sub ohm tank. This e-juice produces huge clouds of vapor. The clouds of vapor that you get from vaping Aqua Mist are massive.

Aqua Mist e-liquid is available with different nicotine strength levels. This e-juice comes with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. Aqua Mist has a smooth and mellow throat hit. This e-liquid does not have that the harsh throat hit even when you are vaping at a high wattage. If you enjoy hard throat hits, you may have to go for the 6mg version of Aqua Mist.

Aqua Mist is produced in the United States by Marina Vape. Marina Vape is a considered an elite vape juice company. This e-liquid manufacturer has a solid reputation thanks to its high-quality products. The e-liquids produced by Marina Vape have a superb taste that distinguishes them from other e-liquids on the market. Marina Vape e-liquids are highly sought after. This company uses only top-grade ingredients in the production of it e-liquids. Marina Vape has many e-liquid lines in its e-juice collection. Some of them are Creme De La Creme, Milkshake Man, Donuts, Marshmallow Man, Aqua, Fetti Waff, Fat Boy, Dragon Drops, Treats, and Vape Flurry.

Aqua Mist is a part of the Marina Vape Aqua series. The Aqua e-juice line consists of four amazing fruity e-liquids namely Aqua Mist, Aqua Flow, Aqua Oasis, and Aqua Pure.

Aqua Mist comes in an elegant blue box with has the name Aqua written on it. There is also a green strip on the box where the name Mist is written. Aqua Mist is packed in a gorilla unicorn bottle. There is a label on the bottle with some information about the product.

You can buy a 60ml bottle of Aqua Mist by Marina Vape for only $20.97 at A 60ml bottle of this e-liquid is usually sold for about $25.97 at most vape shops. You save $5.00 when you buy Aqua Mist from VapeFu. This vape shop sells e-liquids and other vaping at affordable rates. This store offers a lot of hot deals that you can take advantage of to save money. VapeFu also provides excellent customer service and quick shipping.

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