Kanger Aerotank Mini Review

By: Lawrence Lee

The Aerotank Mini is the third tank released in Kanger’s Aerotank line. It is a vast improvement over the Kanger Protank series. It has the best features of Kanger’s Aerotank and Protank line. The tank comes with adjustable air flow and replaceable sleeve. You can use the coils that come with this tank on the Protank 3, Aerotank Mega, and EVOD glassomizer.

The Aerotank Mini is made of food grade stainless steel and Pyrex glass like other tanks from Kangertech. The dimensions of the tank are 53.8mm by 14.2mm. There is an eGo threaded connection at the base of the tank for attaching it to a battery. The Aerotank Mini was designed to be used on eGo style batteries instead of more powerful mods. You can use this tank on a box mod, but you will need an eGo adapter.

The Kanger Aerotank Mini is designed with a rounded stainless steel drip tip like other tanks in the same line. The stainless steel drip tip can be an issue when you are chain vaping. Thankfully, this tank is compatible with just about any standard 510 drip tip. This means you can re-use your old 510 drip tips and change the appearance of the tank. Changing the drip tip is not the only way you can alter how the Aerotank Mini looks, you can also change the tank sleeve. The package also includes a steel tube. The steel tube makes the tank looks spectacular while the Pyrex glass tank gives it the classic atomizer appearance.

The Kanger Aerotank Mini can hold 1.3ml of e-liquid. This is quite small, and you may have to carry around a small bottle of your favorite e-liquid with you. However, this means that the tank is TPD complaint and can be used by vapers in the UK and Europe.

The Aerotank Mini has the same bottom filling design that you will find in other Kanger tanks. You need to remove the bottom cap keep the tank inverted as you fill it. When unscrewing the base section, the coil head of this tank tends to get loose and may even get stuck in the air shaft. The flavor that you get when vaping with the Aerotank Mini is far better than what you get when using the Kanger Protank series.

This Kanger tank comes pre-installed with one 1.5 ohm dual coil head. The coil is a redesigned version of the Kanger coil head that you will find in older tanks from this company. You can get replacement coil heads with different resistance levels, even one sub ohm coil with a resistance of 0.8 ohms. Not only do the improved Kanger coil heads give you better flavor, they last longer. You can use each coil head for up to two weeks depending on how frequent you vape. You will not get any gurgling or spit backs from this tank if you install the coil and fill the tank up properly.

There is an adjustable air flow hole at the base section of the tank. You can adjust the air flow by turning a ring. Overall, the Aerotank Mini was designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. It is just too tight for direct lung (DL) vaping even with the air flow wide open. If you are used to the restrictive draw of traditional tobacco cigarettes, then you will love vaping on this Kanger tank.

The Kanger Aerotank Mini gives you the same outstanding performance as the Aerotank, but it comes in a smaller size. The redesigned coil heads for this tank ensures that the quality of each hit you get is consistent.

You can get the Kanger Aerotank Mini on Vape Fu for $19.99.

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