A CBD Vape Pen Guide For Beginners

A CBD Vape Pen Guide For Beginners

By: Francis

According to research, CBD might actually allow you to avoid synthetic drugs by actually treating various health disorders that you would have needed those synthetic drugs for. With this certainty, and the continuous developments in everyday life, people have now turned to alternative ways of using CBD products, especially ways that suit them best. One of the most popular is the CBD vape pens. It’s popular not just because it looks better, but also because it is easier to use, especially for newcomers. 

What Are CBD Vape Pens?

CBD vape pens are portable devices, powered by a battery, and produce cannabidiol-rich vapor. They are available in an array of shapes and sizes but they all serve the same function which is to convert BCD into an inhalable vapor without the need for heavy-duty tabletop devices. Because of this, CBD vape pens include heating elements, batteries (rechargeable and non-rechargeable), and compartments that can contain either CBD-rich hemp extract or CBD-rich hemp flower. 

A CBD Vape Pen Guide For Beginners

Some of the CBD vape pens that you would find on the market are equipped with digital displays and adjustment buttons that allow you to easily tweak the temperature setting of the vape pen.

What Are The Major Types Of CBD Vape Pens

All CBD vape pens fall under either of these categories:

  1. Dry Herb CBD Vape Pens: This type of CBD vape pen comes equipped with small chambers designed to be filled with ground-up hemp bud. Unlike CBD oil vape pens which we would talk about later, these are a bit larger and contain heavy-duty heating elements. In most cases, their portability can be questionable. 

You usually activate the heating element y pressing a button on the side of the device. Once you do that, the CBD pen will warm up over within the next 30-60 seconds. After Which you can begin to inhale from the mouthpiece to get the benefits of vaporizing CBD-rich hemp flower. 

This category of CBD vape pens needs to be cleaned regularly because once you are done vaporizing your bowl of hemp, you have to discard and carefully clean each of the pieces of the dry herb CBD vape pen.

  1. CBD Oil Pens: These are much more common than dry herb CBD vape pens and they are also considerably less expensive. Some of them are incredibly small, so much so that they look a lot like ink pens. In this case, what you get is a battery that is connected to a disposable cartridge. Inside the cartridge is a small heating element that vaporizes the CBD-rich hemp extract. 

Unlike the button activation of dry herb vape pens, these are mostly activated upon inhalation. This means you do not have to press a button, and you do not have to wait for your vape pen to heat up before you enjoy CBD. Simply place the mouthpiece of the vape pen in your mouth, inhale, and enjoy the vaporized CBD oil filling up your lungs.

A CBD Vape Pen Guide For Beginners

Choosing The Best Device For CBD Vaping

To start with, any device that vaporizes CBD without incinerating its content is ideal for vaping CBD. That said, it would not really matter which device you chose unless of course, based on personal preferences since the fact remains that vaporizing CBD does not automatically convert it to THC. 

Speaking of personal preferences boils down to even the purpose, and finding the best CBD vape pen for your purpose is usually trial and error. Most enthusiasts began their journey with dry herb vape pens, only to eventually realize that they prefer simplicity and ease of use. Others started from CBD oil pens from a certain brand before realizing that another brand offers a higher quality for a better price. 

Whichever route you choose to take, in order to get the best out of your WEED experiences, get products from a reputable company, and products that have been lab-tested.

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