Mister-E-Liquid Grey Matter

By: Matt

Strength: 18 mg

Size: 18 ml (6 ml, 36 ml also available)

Options: 33% vegetable glycerin, medium flavor

Mister-E-Liquids Grey Matter is a new e-liquid that sort of defies description. With one puff, youll swear that its a perfect representation of a good traditional pipe tobacco, and with the next puff, youll taste way too much sweetness for the e-liquid to be believable as a tobacco flavor. I suppose thats why Mister-E-Liquid doesnt specifically market Grey Matter as a tobacco vape. Somehow it manages to provide incredibly realistic tobacco flavor and not at the same time.

When I smoked, I was such a tobacco lover that I tried just about everything except chewing tobacco. Cigars were my gateway drug, and before I knew it I was experimenting with cigarettes and pipes. Ive even tried snuff the real kind that you inhale and snus. Its hard to believe Ive been tobacco-free for nearly two years, but that might explain why I have such a fascination with tobacco e-liquids. Although my daily vape is still a menthol e-liquid, I still love trying every American-made tobacco e-liquid I can get my hands on. Tobacco has so many possible flavor profiles that it would be almost impossible for any one person to taste everything it has to offer. Creating an e-liquid gives someone an opportunity to pull just one or two tastes from tobaccos vast palette and try to express it in vapor form. Sometimes it works and other times it doesnt, but its nearly always interesting.

In the bottle, Grey Matter has an amazing scent that reminds me exactly of a pipe tobacco Ive smoked in the past. Its been a while, but I believe the tobacco was Sherlock Holmes by Peterson. The scent is exciting and exhilarating, because it makes me believe that before too long, well finally get an e-liquid that is a pure and perfect representation of pipe tobacco. I get notes of that same flavor in the vapor, but I also get notes that dont go with pipe tobacco at all such as cinnamon French toast, butter and vanilla. The sweet notes are most evident on the inhale, while the vapor transitions gradually into the pipe tobacco flavor on the exhale. After the exhale, the pipe tobacco flavor continues to linger on the tongue for a few seconds before fading.

Grey Matter is certainly the best pipe tobacco e-liquid Ive ever tried, and Id love to see what would happen if Mister-E-Liquid took that great pipe tobacco note and complimented it with some less sweet flavors. The French toast and cinnamon flavors dont quite work, but if you can focus on the pipe tobacco notes and ignore the sweeter side, Grey Matter has the makings of a spectacular pipe tobacco vape.
The Good

The best representation of pipe tobacco I’ve found yet

The Bad

The sweet notes don’t seem to enhance the overall blend

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