Peppermint Chill Organic e-liquid – Kai’s Virgin Vapor

By: Matt

Strength: 12 mg

Options: 100% vegetable glycerin

My experiences with mint e-liquids have been very hit-or-miss. While mint e-liquids have some very nice flavor sometimes, e-liquid manufacturers occasionally try to do too much by adding other flavors in attempt to make their mint e-liquids taste more like minty cigarettes. More often than not, the final product ends up taking on a chemical taste that I cant see any e-smoker enjoying. I ordered the organic Peppermint Chill e-liquid from Virgin Vapor with my latest batch of Boge cartomizers with the hope that the companys commitment to organic flavors and short ingredient lists would result in a mint e-liquid that I could strongly recommend.

Virgin Vapors Peppermint Chill is an e-liquid created using a combination of peppermint flavor and menthol. I can also taste a bit of sweetness, which may result from the inclusion of stevia or agave nectar. If you prefer your mint e-liquids without menthol, take note that Peppermint Chill actually has enough menthol to compete with some of the stronger menthol e-liquids Ive tried. Menthol occurs naturally in real peppermint, though, so to combine the two is just fine by me. Without the menthol, Pepermint Chill would be more like peppermint candy.

Im not a big fan of artificial sweeteners. I dont mind them if I cant taste them, but any artificial sweetener that leaves a detectable aftertaste bugs me. Im glad to report that Virgin Vapors Peppermint Chill manages to be mildly sweet without having any noticeable artificial sweetener taste that I can detect. In fact, the only aftertaste I can detect is the same aftertaste that I get when I drink mint tea, a beverage Ive always been fond of. As a matter of fact, if you made a cup of mint tea and added a sugar packet and plenty of ice, youd get a taste very much like Peppermint Chill e-liquid.

Out of all the Virgin Vapor e-liquids Ive tried to date, I think that Peppermint Chill is the one that succeeds most fully in achieving its goal. In mint e-liquids, the difference between natural and artificial flavors is like night and day. If youre tired of vaping mint e-liquids that taste more like candy canes than real mint, Virgin Vapors Peppermint Chill is an e-liquid worth adding to your next order.

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