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Why You Should Try The E-liquid Pipe Tobacco Flavor The Next Time You Vape

By: Japheth Mwabili

We all know that smoking cigarettes and tobacco pipes are unhealthy. The good news is that e-liquids for electronic cigarettes and e-cig pipes are now widely available in the market at an affordable price. Studies on smoking e-cigarettes or e-cig pipes have found that vaping is healthier and it helps people who want to stop smoking to easily quit the habit.  If you love smoking pipe tobacco, the e-liquid pipe tobacco flavor from Flavorah mimics the meerschaum or briard pipe smoking. It gives you the satisfying sensation of smoking pipe tobacco even if it is not real tobacco but e-liquid pipe tobacco flavor.

One interesting fact about vaping is that most people who are starting to vape begin with tobacco e-liquid first. When asked their reason for this behavior, most beginners said that when they made the switch, they were looking for an e-juice that closely matches their experience of smoking a cigarette as closely as possible. After trying a couple of e-liquid pipe tobacco flavor products, they discovered that no other area within the vaping industry possesses as much potential for variety. The idea of creating an e-liquid pipe tobacco flavor is to create something that as closely as possible matches the taste of pipe tobacco. This is among the most complicated plant flavors which come without the actual leaves and smoke.  

I am sure you had a personal reason why you smoked your preferred cigarette brand for all these years. You love your tobacco cigarettes. I know it may seem hard to break up with your favorite cigarette brand. Flavorah can help you make the switch much easier through its variety of e-liquid tobacco flavors. Maybe you are thinking that all e-liquid flavors re the same. The truth is that e-liquid tobacco flavors are not the same. Just the way tobacco cigarette brands have different tastes so does our e-juice tobacco flavors. 

Does an e-liquid pipe tobacco flavor taste like an actual cigarette?

As mentioned before, all e-cigarettes operate without producing any smoke. For the most part, e-juices like the e-liquid pipe tobacco flavor do not contain any tobacco. At Flavorah, we capture the burning tobacco flavor without using any actual burning tobacco. This is achieved by using various flavors. The e-juice flavors are used in different proportions to simulate some aspects of smoking a tobacco cigarette. We use sweet, savoury, grassy, spicy and rich notes in an effort to capture the tobacco flavor. This is just the start. We at Flavorah also create flavors from pre-made tobacco flavor compounds. The tobacco flavor compounds are blended to craft their own unique blends.     

I am sure you are now asking yourself, “What is the best e-liquid tobacco flavor?” Every person has their own opinion. This is based on their personal taste preferences because when it comes to e-juice tobacco flavors, different people want different flavors.  There are people that switched to vaping to replace cigarettes and quit smoking. Others want to enjoy the e-liquid pipe tobacco flavor but with plenty of added sweetness. 

The vaping market is full of thousands of e-liquid flavors. The tastes include everything from tropical fruits, tea, and herbal tea flavor to desert vape flavors. If you are a vapor and usually rush straight to common tastes like chocolate, marshmallow, herbal tea, butternut, vanilla, lime, or tropical fruits without trying out the e-liquid pipe tobacco flavor, you are really missing out. This also applies if you are just getting into vaping, and especially if you are thinking about starting to vape instead of cigarette smoking. Although there are not so many e-liquid tobacco flavors, the quality of the e-liquid pipe tobacco effortlessly makes up for the quantity. The fact of the matter is that once you identify your perfect real tobacco vaping e-juice, you will not need to keep looking for any other flavor.

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