Slim Variable Voltage Battery Kit by Vaportech Review

By: Ashly

Slim Variable Voltage Battery Kit is an innovative product by VaporTech USA. It comprises a slim oil variable voltage battery and a USB charger. This slim oil battery has a capacity of 280mAh that is good enough for vaping without interruption. You can recharge this battery within 50 minutes. Slim VV Battery Kit is compatible with all Vaportech Slim Pen cartridges and glass cartridges. The variable voltage of the device ranges from 3.3V to 4.2V. It supports all cartridges with 510 thread. Slim VV Battery Kit has automatic power-off function. The battery will turn off automatically after inhaling for 8 seconds. The power will turn on itself while you take the next puff. There is an LED ring light around the power button to indicate a low battery level. The LED light will blink 10 times when the battery level falls below a specific point.  

Vaportech Slim Variable Voltage Battery Kit can be charged easily with the USB charger that comes with the package. There is a circular power button with a LED indication ring around. The LED light will glow continuously while the device is on a charge. When the device is charged fully, the LED light will turn green. The battery remains in standby mode while not in use. The device has a cylindrical shape with a stylus rubber tip that can be used as a stylus for electronic touch screen devices. It is available in different colors including White, Blue, Black, Rainbow, Red, and Pink. The LED light on the device glows red every time you take a puff. You can change the voltage of the device according to your preference to achieve maximum flavorful hits. If you are looking for a softer hit, you can select a lower voltage output level.  

You have to click five-time consecutively on the power button to turn on the device. Pre-heating function can be activated, if you are using thick oil. Press the power button 2 times to activate the pre-heat cycle. It will take a maximum of 90 seconds to complete the preheat cycle. The LED light color changes on each stage of pre-heating. If you want, you can stop the pre-heating process with a single press on the power button. Click the power button 3 times in a row to toggle between the voltage levels.

VaporTech USA is one of the top-rated manufactures of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and vape juices in the US. Their premium quality products are widely acclaimed by several customers around the world. You can buy their products online at an affordable price. Once you started using their products, you will never go anywhere. If you buy a Slim VV Battery Kit from this company, you don’t have to worry about shipping the product. This company offers fast shipping services to all states in the US at an affordable price. The delivery services are handled by USPS. All the orders will be shipped out within 24 hours and will reach the customers in 3-5 days. Vaportech Slim Variable Voltage Battery Kit is available for sale online at for just $14.99.

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