Cuttwood Manic Mint E-liquid Review

By: Matt

Manic Mint E-liquid is a newly released mint flavored e-juice from Cuttwood.  You can now set aside candy canes this Holiday season. It is because Cuttwood’s latest Manic Mint e-liquid will give you exactly the same taste as a sweet candy cane with menthol flavor. Menthol lovers that love calming peppermint flavor with a gently sweet candy tinge will surely be excited with this Manic Mint flavor. You can really never imagine the bursting flavor can come in just a small-sized bottle.

Flavor Description

A delightful and carefully made blend of cooling peppermint leaves with just the appropriate amount of sweetness , giving you the primary flavor of natural sweetness and fresh peppermint. It’s the pefect blend of freshly-picked and natural peppermint leaves. Peppermint is a combination of spearmint and water mint. These two give you a cool and refreshing taste.This juice has a hint of natural sweetness to round off the mouthwatering flavor for a flawless vape finish. Manic Mint of Cuttwood surely gives you a long-lasting spirit of its flavor.

Nicotine Strength

Manic Mint e-liquid by Cuttwood is available in 3 different nicotine strength level. If you want to vape without any nicotine content, you can get this e-liquid in 0mg nicotine strength. If you prefer to have the strongest level of nicotine available in this juice, then 6mg is for you. It also has 3mg nicotine level for a lower strength of nicotine content.


The density of Cuttwood Manic Mint e-liquid is just perfect. It has 70% VG and 30

% PG. A ratio that will give you the perfect vaping experience.

Throat Hit

From the moment you will inhale it, you will see that Manic Mint is one of the most enjoyable e-juices you will ever taste. The spearmint comes through to carry a refreshing kick every time. And you can’t stop the sweet mellowing peppermint that builds up throughout the exhale. It is so mild in your throat and it gives you a refreshing mint flavor in your mouth. It does not hit so strongly that it will hurt your throat at all. You will absolutely experience a relaxing feeling with Manic Mint e-liquid by Cuttwood.

Vapor Production

Aside from the cool taste of its peppermint, Manic Mint by Cuttwood also gives you the vapor production you want. This e-liquid blows considerably massive and dense clouds. I recommend you use a high wattage mod for this. I had a wonderful experience using my Smok Alien 220W mod kit. If you are worried about the taste, this e-juice is able to sustain its delicious and cool flavor even if you increase the wattage.



Manic Mint e-liquid by Cuttwood comes in a 60ml bottle. It has a child-resistant cap. Its label contains the brand name, the specific flavor, net contents and some other details.  This handy bottle has the advantage of being easy to carry around since it is so cute and can just fit in your pocket. This 60ml bottle is ideal for vapers who are constantly on the move.


Manic Mint e-liquid by Cuttwood is $29.99 only. It can be bought t in the vape store in a 60ml bottle. This gives you good quality at a very affordable price. Now it is easy for you to enjoy your vaping with a very cheap e-liquid price. It is just perfect for your budget. This Manic Mint will reach the top of your satisfaction level. It offers you the best quality and most of all, the very friendly price.


Cuttwood is the manufacture of Manic Mint e-liquid. It is one of the most famous, well-respected and best-reviewed e-juices these days. Their startling collection of products is definitely incomparable with respect to the taste, quality, and excellence. It is all entirely derived from the United States of America. The Manic Mint flavor is one of the latest additions to their juice collections. One that has already been intensely welcomed by the vaping community all over the world.

So for all the menthol lovers, you’ve got to try this Manic Mint by Cuttwood to see for yourself and experience the real fun you will benefit from vaping. It is guaranteed recommendable to all of your friends who love having an adventure in vaping.

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